Ah Yes, I Remember It Well

Today’s blog entry is the first one that has had a deadline. There is one really good and fun reason.  I have, as you can see, had a logo designed for The Danieley Digest!!!


Talented and gifted artist Justin “Squigs” Robertson, who does caricature sketches for Broadway.com, designed a flattering likeness of me to grace this page.  I am forever grateful for his help.


I wanted to share this handsome sketch this week as we are gearing up for the opening of THE VISIT on Broadway this Thursday, April 23rd 2015.


I’m loving writing. It is something that is as satisfying, in a very different way, as the theatre.


I started blogging as a fun way to get my creative juices flowing, to share my experiences in the theatre so that others can glean whatever they can from my successes and failures.

Success and Failure Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

There are other benefits to putting this out there in the e-universe too. It may generate interest in a show I’m doing on Broadway or at a regional theatre or a concert I’ll be performing in Florida or Prague.


A life in the theatre and most live performing arts is not easy, it never has been, but in the days of instant entertainment and instant gratification it is maybe even a harder form of art to sell than in the past.  It’s hard enough to get the word out about big million dollar budget musicals on Broadway let alone a cabaret concert you may be doing for a weekend at 54 Below. Hmm…

54 Below Cabaret Space

This deadline for the blog comes at the crux in the journey of our Broadway show. Comes the time – after all the rehearsals, readings, workshops, creative discussions, production meetings, out of town productions, work calls, technical rehearsals – all that is the blood, sweat and tears of the process, is over.

photo 1

Now, we have to give up our child (the show) that we have collectively been nurturing for months, others for a few years and others still for up to 15 years; we have to let it out into the world not knowing what people will think of it.  We are proud and happy but cautious and hopeful.


Our deadline awaits. Now is the time that we are doing publicity and promotional events to let people know about the extraordinary work that has been accomplished. Our hope is that our show, and we aren’t the only ones on Broadway doing this at this time, will have a good and respectable run. This is the finish line of the theatre season. THE VISIT is, in fact, the last show opening before the cutoff of the season. We are tweeting, face booking, Instagraming and BLOGGING to get the word out.


Remembering why we work in the theatre in the first place, especially at this crunch time, can sometimes get lost in the melee. But this is the time that remembering will keep you sane. It’s a time to celebrate ourselves and to celebrate all the work that is going on around us.


My best wishes to all of the creative team, cast, crew and orchestra at the Lyceum Theatre on W. 45th St. as we bring this historic piece of music theatre art to the world. We are an exceptional lot!